We sell only high quality well tempered affectionate kittens that are ideal for the single person as well as a family.



We offer a wide variety of colors such as:

Himalayans:                                      Persians:

   - Blue Points                                                          - Black

   - Blue Cream Points                                                 - Blue 

   - Liliac Points                                                          - Blue Cream 

   - Seal Points                                                           - Cream

   - Chocolate Points                                                   - Red 

   - Flame Points                                                        - Tortiseshell

   - Cream Points                                                     Bi-Color Persians:

   - Tortie Points                                                        - Black/White

   - Chocolate Linx                                                      - Red/White

   - Blue Linx                                                              - Blue/White

   To see what we curently have available PLEASE go to our       For Sale page.


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